May 30, 1997

The administrative rules cover the organization and operation of the Range and supplement the Range Rules and the General Rules.

1. The club officers and the Range Committee will be the primary persons to write and oversee that the rules are current for proposed uses of the Range. Members may contact the Club Officers or Range Committee members with comments and suggestions about the rules.

2. All persons using the Range will sign off that they have read, understood and will comply with the rules. Non-members may only be required to sign off on the Range Rules and/or the General Rules as necessary for the Event. Members who bring guests will be responsible to have their guest read the Range Rules and sign off on them. The Member is responsible to assure the guest obeys the General Rules. A Club Officer will be responsible for maintaining the sign off sheets.

3. Members will wear their Membership Card while on the Range. All guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring member.

4. The Range will be open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM or FWP Sunset, whichever comes first. Absolutely NO FIRING will take place after dark. This rule is strictly enforced. Violations will result in loss of range privileges.

5. Targets (paper) will be provided at the range. Members will carry out any trash they have brought in or find on the Range.

6. The Range can be scheduled for use by other groups. Details on this procedure TBA.

7. Parking on the Range will be allowed no closer than 100 ft. from firing lines, or in areas marked or otherwise designated for parking. i.e.: Map or verbal OK from Range Committee.

8. The Range grounds and Buildings, target dispenser, sign - etc. will be monitored by members as to condition. A member should correct any problem he/she can and report others to Club Officers.

9. A member may bring a guest once a month or in the case of a visitor from out of the area, 4 times in a two-week period.

10. Members are responsible to keep the gate locked after entering and upon leaving the Range.


Protest Committee - This committee will be elected by the membership. Committee will mediate decisions of Ranges Officers.

Committee will hear grievances from other members. Committee will determine action to be taken if a member is found to have broken rules.


1. Loud or abusive language - verbal warning or expulsion from the range.

2. Non current membership - No Range usage.

3. Alcohol or illegal drug usage on the Range or drunken or drug suspicious behavior - Can't shoot - Verbal warning or expulsion if continuous.

4. Unsafe Actions - Verbal warning - Expulsion if not corrected. Dropped from membership if a chronic problem. (Determined by the Board of Directors).

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